How Social Insights Contributed to The Success of #ThisGirlCan

In early 2015, Sport England took to social in order to challenge women’s attitudes to sport, via the revolutionary campaign #ThisGirlCan. Their goal was to reach out to women and girls aged between 14 and 40 in the UK, and get them involved in sport regardless of the lifestyle factors that too often get in the way. Utilising social insights in the 6 month research period prior to the campaign’s launch, Sport England were effectively able to create a very engaging and popular TV ad. This, along with numerous other forms of advertising, sparked huge social media conversation and started the ball rolling in terms of changing the way women think about sport.
Heavily reliant on social media, Sport England leveraged social insights both prior to and during the campaign launch. This allowed them to get a better feel for who their audience were, what conversations were going on, and how they were talking to one another. All of this added up to create a better orchestrated campaign which resonated well with the audience. This provided a really good use case to support the idea that social insights has evolved from just listening to learning.
Combining this social presence with other, more traditional forms of advertisements such as TV and billboard ads, Sport England were able to extend their reach massively. Not only did they manage to engage an online community of over 600,000 women, they witnessed a change in both the behaviour and attitude of women across social channels.
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The volume graph below demonstrates the difference between women talking about watching football in comparison to women talking about playing football. The 2014 spike coincides with the World Cup, but in 2015 we see that conversation about playing football is greater than conversation about watching it.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 15.40.21As well as engaging more women and girls, it was social that allowed the campaign to reach far and wide, as illustrated by the map below. The television ad was only shown on British television, but as we are aware, social knows no barriers. This was the key in enabling the conversation to carry this empowering message worldwide, regardless of country or language.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 15.41.32
And, more excitingly, it doesn’t stop there. Regardless of the huge success 2015 bought Sport England and #ThisGirlCan, they still seek to address women’s ongoing, negative attitudes to sport, continuing to work to close that gender gap.
Download our case study here to find out just how influential social insights proved to be during #ThisGirlCan’s lifecycle.

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