How Brands Like Dunkin' Donuts Can Deliver with the Help of Social Insights

Even the most well-known brand names have had to evolve their product strategies to meet the needs of consumer demands. For coffee lovers, Dunkin’ Donuts is famous for its devoted following. Selling over 30 cups of coffee every second, Dunkin’s consumer market space is a leader within the quick service coffee industry. Like all competitive brands, Dunk’s must evolve to meet the needs of their consumer base.
As widely loved the brand appears to be, they seem to be missing one key component that the modern consumer is craving — delivery services. With over one billion dollars feeding in the food and grocery delivery business throughout 2014, and an influx of consumers demanding instant gratification, delivery services are a great expansion opportunity for many brands.
During the month of June 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that they were planning to test out home delivery services. While this may have seemed like a great marketing opportunity for the coffee chain, it appears that the launch itself failed to create large spike in consumer conversation over social. During that month, while 69% of consumers conveyed excitement about the trial period, an additional 31% of Dunk’s customers expressed wanting more of a delivery service, showing a large portion of consumers shared a lack of awareness that the program had launched.
Whatever excitement shown for the home delivery services quickly came and went during the month of June, as we see a sharp 36% increase of consumers in July of that summer wishing the brand would implement delivery services, jumping to 67%. From the data, it appears that Dunkin’ Donuts may have missed the mark to capitalize on a new branded opportunity.dunkins weekly analysis
In fact, moving forward into the current year,  throughout 2016, consumer’s wishful thinking regarding delivery services has actually increased, where a high 73% of customers express that they want more of a delivery service from their favorite coffee brand.
Dunkin Donuts OM 2016

However, the coffee giant appears to be upping its game, recently announcing that the brand would be introducing mobile ordering services, where customers can order and pay for their coffee directly from their mobile devices, ready for immediate pick up in stores or in the drive through. While this is a step in the right direction for the brand, it appears that Dunkin’ missed the mark for being an early adopter of delivering opportunities, as other competitors have implemented similar mobile buying options, in addition to partnerships with other third party delivery services.

Moving forward, how can Dunkin’ Donuts use social insights to capitalize on delivery and mobile services, to grow their market share with these coffee purchasing audiences?
By taking a closer look at the dataset, we can see that the demographic profile of those consumers engaging in discussions regarding delivery services for Dunkin’ Donuts are millennial females, ages 18-24.

age of dunkins

In addition to the demographic profile, brands like Dunkin’ Donuts can utilize Crimson’s Affinities section to understand audience interests of a targeted demographic. In regard to those discussing delivery services for Dunkin’, user interest in Snapchat is 58x greater than the general Twitter population. Future marketing collaborations with Snapchat could be beneficial for the coffee chain. Dunkin’ Donuts could also position themselves with services that millennials love, including the delivery service company Seamless.
Luckily for Dunkin’, it’s never too late for brands to capitalize on social insights. To maximize their demographic reach, companies like Dunkin’ Donuts can utilize Crimson’s social insights to hone in on targeted consumers, and ensure that their branding efforts are aligned with consumer behavior trends.
For more insights on how social data can move your brand forward, we invite you review our Social Insights Guide for CPG executives.

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