How Agencies Can Prove ROI With Social Data

Using social media data to go beyond engagement metrics

You know your campaign was a huge success. But how can you provide strong, data-backed evidence to prove it to your client? From the pitch to the end of a campaign, every client is looking for the ROI on their investment to hire your agency. While the ROI of a great campaign used to be rather ephemeral, data from social media analytics can provide much more concrete ROI measurement.
When you first think of using social media data to demonstrate success, words like shares, followers, clicks, and likes probably come to mind. While there’s nothing wrong with looking at these volume-based engagement metrics, they only shed light on the social aspect of your campaign. Additionally, many brands have started to view these types of measurements as “vanity metrics” that don’t provide much in terms of real consumer insights.
Powerful social media analysis can give you far more context around the true impact of your full campaign, not just the social aspects. Instead of just measuring likes, shares, and clicks you can provide data on how your campaign changed brand perception, audience, purchase intent, and much more.

Consumer reactions

Consumers use social media to discuss everything. That means you can analyze those conversations to measure a lot more than just your social campaign performance. Consumers discuss the aspects of your work that are seen on TV, on billboards, and every other “offline” source.
Analysis of social media conversations can reveal moments like this that extend far beyond typical social campaign measurement:

This means you can measure the reaction to all aspects of your campaign including TV, print, billboards, etc. This allows you to track how people are talking about your entire campaign, and, more importantly, how it affects conversation about the brand and their products. Tapping into the consumer mindset in this way allows you to track overall brand perception and how it is impacted by your entire campaign, not just the social element.
Additionally, you can look at metrics like photos containing a brand’s logo to determine how a campaign has impacted:


Brand perception

How did your campaign impact overall brand perception? With sentiment and emotion analysis, agencies can easily track changes in brand perception related to a campaign. More importantly, you can track how the campaign is impacting overall brand perception.

Additionally, with image analysis you can track images of consumers actually using your client’s product. Seeing an uptick in consumers posting photos containing the brand or product indicates an improvement in brand awareness and brand perception that you would miss if you were only analyzing text.

Target audience engagement

Another metric that makes it easy to show a client your campaign’s value is audience expansion. For example, if a brand wanted to expand their audience to a new group or narrow their audience to a more specific target group, social media analytics allows you to let the data show them how your campaign helped to achieve those goals.

Social data can reveal a lot more about the ROI of your work beyond the usual simple social campaign metrics. We can also see the value of changes metrics like brand perception, purchase intent, and growth within particular target audiences. By starting your relationship with a client by backing up your ideas with social data and then proving the ROI with the same data, agencies can prove their value to the client from pitch to the end of the campaign.

Purchase intent

Ideally the boost in brand perception will also increase demand for the client’s products or services. Social media analytics allows to create analysis categories customized to any brand or campaign to measure intent to purchase over time. Showing that your agency’s work directly boosted consumer’s intent to purchase the client’s product is a powerful way to prove ROI with data.


Social media data can serve as a source of powerful consumer insights, providing data-backed validation to your creative in far less time. Analyzing consumer conversation on social media is great way to measure anything from opinion about a campaign or purchase intent for a client’s product. Social media analytics help the best agencies both win business and prove ROI.
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