#GRAMMYs Recap: What we learned from the social conversation

With more than 6.3 million tweets, there’s no doubt that the Grammys got audiences talking on social. Below, we break down highlights from the conversation, insights about the night’s big winners (including McDonald’s) and lessons learned.  

Kendrick Lamar stole the show.

The top-mentioned stars of the night were Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar. In the weeks leading up to the show, both Bieber and Swift received a lot of Twitter love, but there was less anticipation around Kendrick Lamar’s performance, which makes his rise in mentions last night even more impressive. Just 3 percent of posts about Lamar yesterday were negative, and 65 percent expressed positive sentiment toward the hip-hop star. As the graph below shows, Lamar also got people talking across age brackets, suggesting a more universal appeal. It will be interesting to see whether his album sees a boost in sales following his standout Grammys night.

Interest declined as the show went on.

In this blog post, we talked about how the Grammys did a better job than the Golden Globes in terms of generating consistent buzz in the weeks leading up to the show. Unfortunately for the Grammys, that didn’t hold true during the show itself. While more than 6.3 million posts included the #GRAMMYs hashtag yesterday, the post volume decreased hour-by-hour during the broadcast (graph on the left). The Golden Globes, on the other hand, was able to generate more consistent conversation during the show, with tweets actually increasing after the first hour (graph on the right).
Day And Time from 2016-02-15 to 2016-02-15 Globes day and time
Could this apparent decline in interest have been prevented by reordering the performances? Perhaps. The show closed out with a performance from Pitbull. If you look at the social conversation in the weeks leading up to the show, Pitbull didn’t hold a candle to stars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Lionel Richie, who all received significantly more mentions. If the Grammys producers had closed out the show with one of these highly anticipated performances, viewers may have shown more interest.

Grammys love breakfast.

While Intel had the big brand sponsorship of the night with the David Bowie tribute, it was actually McDonald’s whose hashtag got the most love. Apparently, interns backstage at the Grammys were handing out hash browns and McMuffins to stars, and any attendee could receive free #AllDayBreakfast by posting on social. The community manager at @McDonalds was also hard at work replying to any and all mentions of the hashtag, and the brand was Snapchatting the action live from the red carpet. Free food + influencers + multichannel engagement = brand sponsorship gold.
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