Going for Gold: The Competition on Social

As we watch the 2014 Winter Games, we are also monitoring how Sochi stacks up as a Social TV event for brands and for the athletes, who are competing in their sports and for plum brand sponsorships.
Canada most active tweeters
We teamed up with Offerpop to measure engagement with Olympics promotions and social conversation about the Games. We award one gold medal to Canada in “Most Tweets Per Capita.” Check out the Maple Leaf atop the podium and the rest of our findings on the “How Sochi Does Social” infographic.
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You’ll see that some of the international CH team has been showing their patriotic pride! As Tom would say, #GoTeamGB, and good luck to the all the athletes!
Sochi Winter Olympics Social Media Infographic

London vs. Sochi sentiment on twitterSochi Olympics Social Tweets on Twitter

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