Gartner on the Future of Image Analytics [Video]

Gartner shares how image analysis has changed over the past few years and how it can uncover insights that text-analysis alone would miss

Watch the video below to hear about the evolution of image analysis technology from Gartner’s VP of Research, Jenny Sussin and Crimson Hexagon’s Senior Product Manager, Tom McGrath.

Here are some of the top insights from the video:

Social conversation is becoming more visual and the trend isn’t slowing down

“We’re seeing more and more movement to video, images, and emojis. We don’t expect that to change anytime soon.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

Marketers are using image analysis now, but there are many other use cases

“We do expect it to be use in support use cases over time. Things that help me do quality control are also something we expect to see. That may mean appropriate use or misuse of a product.. or opportunities to improve a product or service.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

Everything that’s been done with text analytics can be done with image analysis

“As with anything the broader the dataset, the more potential value. What we are really going to need people to do in order to advance with image analysis use cases is to understand that image is one in several data sources that can help bring business value.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

The market needs a reeducation in what image analysis can do

“We need to reset expectations and let them know that image analysis has advanced. We can actually look at the image and analyze the image. Image analysis is not just text and metadata analysis, it really is looking at the bigger picture.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

The definition of “influencer” will change with image analysis

“If we are trying to figure out what an influencer is through image analysis, it may be how often an individual person (be they a celebrity or joe and jane off the street) appears in pictures that are related to your brand….We do expect image analysis will change what it means to be an influencer once people recognize that influence can be calculated on things more than just text-based volume.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

Image analysis is a lot more than just logo recognition

“You never just monitor for your brand name. If you do, you get a lot of garbage and not a lot of what you’re exactly looking for. There is a lot of value in looking to associated terms, competitors, the market order to figure out where there is the most opportunity. If all we do is look for the logo we’re just monitoring the brand name.”
-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner
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