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Surprising Uses of Sharpies Reveal Creative Opportunities for a New Business Pitch

Creative Uses for Sharpie
We recently leveraged Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ social media analytics platform to better understand consumer opinions about Sharpies and the Sharpie brand. Our analysis uncovered some unexpected uses of Sharpie that enable us to better understand how agencies can use consumer insight from social media to win new business.

Key takeaways in our analysis of Sharpie include:

  • Only 16% of the conversation reflects use of Sharpie for its marketed purpose – to write or draw
  • In fact, consumers much more often discuss Sharpies in social contexts. 26% focus on the use of Sharpies at parties or for vandalism, and 7% talk about using Sharpies to draw on their friends
  • Interestingly, 28% of Sharpie discussion reflects uses for women’s makeup or for temporary tattoos
  • The unique smell of Sharpies also continues to be a major topic of conversation (21%)


Preparing for Your Agency’s Next Pitch

In late August, it was announced that Newell Rubbermaid was seeking a new agency to overhaul its creative and media-buying efforts worldwide. With brands such as Sharpie, Papermate and Calphalon in the company’s portfolio, we thought it would be interesting to explore how analysis of social media conversation could reveal fresh, undiscovered consumer insight about the Sharpie brand.
After analyzing over 530,000 relevant posts about the Sharpie brand since January 1, 2013, we uncovered some interesting uses of Sharpie, which illustrate the exciting opportunity for agencies to present a unique, data-driven perspective and new creative program ideas in the pitching process.

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