How Marketable is Gabby Douglas?

At 16 years old, Gabrielle Douglas, in winning gold in both the team and individual all around competitions, has made her mark on history. Not only the first American gymnast to win gold in both competitions, she is also the first African-American woman to be the all around individual champion.
With comparisons being made to Michael Phelps as the greatest athlete in her sport, her marketing and branding potential is undeniable. Although she’s already signed an astounding $90 million contract with Kellogg’s, this is only the beginning. So the question is, just how marketable is Gabby Douglas?
We analyzed Twitter for conversations about Gabby Douglas using a methodology that took into consideration both her on-field and off-field attributes.
Since the games began, nearly 60,000 online opinions have been offered about Gabby Douglas.

And while 32% of the conversation are impressed with her athletic prowess and ability, 68% are looking at the impact her performance will have not only on her sport, but female athletes as well.
23% of her off-field conversation views her as a role model for a new generation of athletes.
Through the ForSight platform’s qualitative visualizer we can monitor the nuance and broader themes in the conversation, such as the feeling of pride in being an American and her inspirational performance in London.

In addition to being a role model, Gabby Douglas with her infectious smile and bright personality make her a marketing powerhouse.

Her humility and enthusiasm have endeared her to many, driving up her likability as reflected in positive perceptions of her personality at 14% and the relationship with her fans at 20%, making her a viable candidate for lucrative partnerships with brands and marketers.
Do you think Gabby Douglas’ gold medal performance and character establish her marketability or do adjustments need to be made to earn that title?
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