G2Crowd Publishes First Social Analytics Matrix, Crimson Hexagon Ranks as a Leader

G2Crowd, a noted crowd-sourcing tool for software reviews, shared their first matrix built specifically around the social analytics space on Tuesday. Crimson Hexagon’s software technology has always been an innovator within the social analytics market, but there is disagreement on the value of an “all in one platform” for social media management. While G2Crowd highlighted the value of some social tools’ inclusive design, a recent Gartner report suggests that the value of a tool comes from the company’s ability to their problems or demands to the sales table, and then compare the leaders within the space and purchase the best tool to meet those needs. I believe G2Crowd’s social analytics matrix and Gartner’s report imply a key facet of the social analytics market: today’s marketers and strategists are focused on proving results and are looking to grow their data-savvy capabilities.
One aspect of Crimson’s platform that we see continually in the responses that come through G2Crowd, the technology applications are extensive and powerful in targeting specific results. We help many top brands in the world use social media analysis to their advantage, in everything from campaign effectiveness to brand authenticity and even crisis management conversations. Some of the notable representations on G2Crowd are as follows:

“[Crimson Hexagon’s Opinion Monitor]… has given me the ability to structure social data in the most sophisticated way I have come across, meaning I can dive into data beyond the usual volumes and automated sentiment that is the prerequisite in most social analysis tools.” Manvir Singh, Social Analyst at Cake Group/HAVAS EHS

Another outstanding response on the social analytics use case for agency work:

“As a strategist, the ability to “train” the tool to recognize sentiment and filter out spam makes ForSight an automatic leader in the social listening category.

Another thing that Crimson Hexagon does well is present conversations in a very visually aesthetic way. I haven’t had one person, whether internally or a client, not comment on the visual presentation presented by the tool.

Finally, ForSight pulls its mentions from Twitter, Facebook, forums, YouTube, Weibo, comments, reviews, blogs and specific Facebook pages using either a simple or boolean query. WOW!” — Benjamin Dailey, formerly of MRM Worldwide

It was great to see we’re also ranked on G2Crowd as one of the top SaaS products in Massachusetts! The continued validation of our product reiterate the key points we convey through our rhetoric: We want your experience with us to be as successful as possible. From our Help Center videos to guide your first steps in the product, to the informative shared on campaign effectiveness, ROI and other key metrics in our Social Insights Center, we’re putting the customer at the front and center of each step of Crimson Hexagon’s growth and progress.

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