Future Engineers Introduced to Data Intelligence Programming

Students from Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s Tech Bootcamp Visit Crimson Hexagon Campus

Crimson Hexagon’s engineering team recently spent some time with students participating in the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s Tech Bootcamp. These collegiate developers visited our team to get an inside look at a medium-sized company that has true roots in Boston’s startup scene. YEI formed the Tech Bootcamp in the summer of 2013 as a dedicated alternative for Yale students to spend their summer focusing deeply on code and website applications. This offers many undergrads a refuge to learn developer expertise in a focused group setting and finesse skills that can’t always be taught from a computer programming class. It also acts as a web design crash course for developer neophytes.
Ye Future data intelligence programmers

Charlie Proctor, Yale Entrepreneur Tech Boot CampOver the course of the summer, our goal has been to both enable students to present their ideas online in an effective manner, and pursue ideas that are related to tech in and of themselves.

– Charlie Proctor

“In today’s world, it is crucial to be able to publish your thoughts and ideas online in a dynamic and engaging format.” says Charles Proctor, one of the YEI teaching assistants this summer. Each student is required to create an application of their own by the end of the summer. Proctor explains, “we have hoped to empower them with an understanding of the capabilities of the web, so that they can create whatever they want.”

Henok Addis, Yale Entrepreneur Tech Boot CampThis summer has been an interesting journey. I’ve grown a lot as a developer, and as a person–meeting new people, creating new networks, and developing ideas. With the people I have met here I am probably going to pursue small ideas, if not future businesses.”

– Henok Addis

Students spent the day meeting with Hubspot and Panorama Education, entrepreneurial businesses in the greater Boston area. When students arrived at Crimson Hexagon, they received a tour of the office space, seeing each team of CH employees in their environment. The group then sat in our public shared space a.k.a “The Lounge” to view a demo of the current Crimson social media intelligence product line and get a peek of some of the new offerings we are working on. After the demo, the boot campers were greeted by a panel of Crimson Engineers who talked about Crimson’s history and their own varied paths to become engineers in general, and at Crimson in particular.
Avery Faller, Big data intelligenceSoftware Engineer Avery Faller shared that he was introduced to developing and coding skills in high school coursework. While many engineers attend computer science programs college, it is unusual for those who end up pursuing the field to find an early stage introduction to web development. More often, the Crimson engineers happened upon this career through passionate self-instruction or after a radical career shift. It helped illustrate the need for website development specific coursework and the differentiations between everyday web application use and computer science collegiate studies.
Overall, students were impressed by ForSight’s ability to access an extensive supply of data via social media infrastructure. The campers enjoyed the culture of Crimson Hexagon, where openness and creative independence are fuel for our big data entrepreneurialistic brand. “As someone that has never done computer science before, learning how to develop my own web applications is empowering” shares Dana Chaykovsky. She added, “Rather than simply marveling at websites online I am learning how to create my own.” There is a growing population of developers out there, and it’s meetings like these that create hope for future opportunity in the data intelligence team at Crimson.

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