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G2 Crowd Releases Report Based On Customers’ Opinions; Crimson Hexagon Named High Performer

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The crowd has spoken: Crimson Hexagon is a high performer, and 100% of customers who reviewed ForSight™ rated our social media monitoring platform 4 or 5 stars out of 5.
We crowd-source opinions all the time to make decisions about restaurants, travel, car purchases, and more. G2 Crowd is bringing the crowd-sourcing mentality – that hearing what real people think about products and services leads to better decision-making – to enterprise software.
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We are thrilled that, based on our customers’ honest feedback, Crimson Hexagon is placed in the “high performer” category for social media monitoring products. Customers submit reviews directly on the G2 Crowd website, and G2 Crowd verifies their credentials through LinkedIn and requires that they show that they are current ForSight users.
We like metrics, so here are a few: In addition to rating all 4 or 5 stars, 87% of our customers would recommend ForSight to peers and 92% stated that they believe Crimson Hexagon is heading in the right direction. 94% of users who reviewed Crimson Hexagon stated that they are satisfied with Crimson Hexagon’s customer support.
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G2 Crowd’s social media monitoring products report states, “Crimson Hexagon users liked the visually appealing interface, excellent customer support, and global reach of the product.” Many customers cited the distinctive ability to define categories of analysis with the BrightView opinion analysis algorithm in their G2 Crowd reviews. One user who articulated the benefits of the ability to customize and train the BrightView algorithm wrote, “With Crimson Hexagon I am able to refine the results, which means that this technology is able to understand the difference between “Boots”, the store, and ‘boots’, the shoe.”
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Thanks to all of our users who took the time to write a review on G2 Crowd. If you would like a personalized demo of our social media monitoring product, please contact us by clicking here.

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