Fearless Girl Takes on Wall Street

Analyzing the social media reaction to McCann's now-famous statue in New York

Photo by Federica Valabrega

It has been a breathtaking year for Women’s rights issues, with a level of activity and controversy I have personally never seen before. And in between the Women’s marches and strikes, it may seem hard to find a voice and message that truly stands out on a century-old International’s Women’s day.
And yet McCann New York and State Street Global Advisors have done exactly that. Artist Kirsten Visbal created a very tangible model of a Fearless Girl, and placed it directly opposite the infamous Wall Street Charging Bull, staring it down defiantly. And in this digital age, the news of that brave, bronze little girl travelled fast, making the case for more women on company boards.

The good news is that it was picked up by exactly the people it was intended for. Our Crimson Hexagon Affinities show that the people talking about the statue on social media are disproportionately interested in Finance, Business and Economics, as well as Leadership, Innovation and Social Justice.
Affinities from 2017-03-07 to 2017-03-08

Our Topic Waves also shows how the news cascaded throughout International Women’s Day, as it was picked up by major news stations and maintained its core message about women on Boards.

Topics from 2017-03-07 to 2017-03-08

When we use our real-time social media analytics tool, HelioSight, to filter the conversation on Women in Boards, we see encouraging signs of how the McCann/SSGA girl was a major topic of conversation throughout the day, provoking many women and men to state their support and share the message.



This Fearless Girl will likely not stay in Wall Street, but she has already succeeded at simply, unapologetically challenging the status quo of the famous Charging Bull. And here’s hoping McCann and State Street Global Advisors will indeed have made a lasting contribution to the cause of getting Women on the world’s largest company boards as well.

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