Facebook and Instagram Data Access: An Important Update

Access restored for a majority of our customers

As I mentioned in my blog post from late last week, we understand very clearly how valuable data from Facebook and Instagram is to all of our customers.  We sincerely appreciate your continued patience and support as we work closely with Facebook to favorably conclude this disruption as quickly as possible.

We are pleased that our close collaboration with Facebook is producing significant progress towards resolving this situation. Since the end of last week, the majority of our customers have had their access through our platform to Facebook and Instagram data restored. We are working diligently with Facebook so that all of our customers will regain access as soon as possible.

Facebook is reviewing our access of public online data and their previous comment, “based on our investigation to date, Crimson Hexagon did not obtain any Facebook or Instagram information inappropriately,” remains true.  As a reminder:

  • Crimson Hexagon collects only publicly available social media data that anyone can access
  • Crimson Hexagon does not collect private social media data
  • Approximately 95% of our business comes from leading brands and agencies


We are both humbled and grateful for our customers’ continued support.  We are more committed than ever to helping our customers better understand their consumers and will continue to collect, share, and store public data in a responsible manner that complies with the letter and spirit of the requirements set forth by our data providers.

Finally, we continue to believe that a more comprehensive discussion about the acceptable uses of public online data is warranted at this moment across our society.  Based on our collective experience and differentiated technology, we believe that we possess a unique perspective on this topic and hope to lend our voice to this conversation in a constructive manner.

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