Enthusiastic Social Buzz for The Great Gatsby

Positive Social Media Opinion Increases from Opening Weekend to Second Weekend in Theaters

The Great Gatsby Character mapWhen one of the year’s most anticipated films, The Great Gatsby, opened on May 10th, it was met with mixed critical reviews. News stories reported that some viewers were delighted with Baz Luhrmann’s remake, while others were bitterly disappointed this interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American story.
While many news stories discussed these polarized opinions about the film, we were interested in how movie-goers expressed their opinions on social media, spreading the word — good or bad — about the film to their social networks. Using ForSight, we identified more than 1.3 million tweets about The Great Gatsby from May 9 – 19 and analyzed what was driving viewers’ opinions about the film. We found that the majority of movie-goers talking about The Great Gatsby on Twitter expressed glowing reviews, which increased from the first to the second weekend the movie appeared in theaters.
Great Gatsby Day Before Opening
The day before the premiere, 87% of the social buzz on Twitter (after excluding neutral mentions, e.g. “I’m watching The Great Gatsby”) was focused on excitement about the film. In fact, 62% of the conversation expressed the explicit desire to see the film. Criticisms before the opening of the film only represents 13% of the conversation.
Great Gatsby Social Buzz Opening Day
On opening day, negative opinion only accounts for 25% of the total conversation. The remaining 75% of the conversation is dominated by praise for the film, its actors, and the soundtrack, as well as a continued desire to see the movie.
Many turn to Twitter to describe Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as Gatsby himself as the highlight of the film (12% on opening day). Some even stated that, although they were not fans of the movie overall, they enjoyed the actor’s take on the illustrious character.
ForSight’s evaluation also noted that the film’s music proved an engaging topic of discussion on Twitter. The soundtrack was widely debated due to the apparent contradiction between the movie’s Roaring Twenties setting and songs covered solely by contemporary artists. Many cited the soundtrack as a draw to the film, focusing especially on songs by Lana Del Ray, Florence & the Machine, Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Great GatsbySocial Buzz Opinions
Despite criticism the film has received, positive opinion continues to reign over the negative and even shows some growth throughout the week following the movie’s release.
ForSight’s social media analysis indicated that, though word of disappointment and dissatisfaction circulates in critical reviews and media coverage of the movie, most people who turn to Twitter to express their views on the movie voice satisfaction and enthusiasm for Luhrmann’s imaginative book-turned-movie.
Have you seen The Great Gatsby? Did you tweet your reviews of the film from the theater? Let us know if your opinion aligns with aggregate opinion by tweeting @crimsonhexagon.

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