Economies of Efficiency: Improving Analytics Workflows for the Analyst

take a number image blog“Neeeext….” For the average business analyst, request intake systems can start to feel like a deli counter with an endless line of customers hankering for cold cuts. Flurries of one-offs flooding inboxes from all corners of the business makes one want to shout: take a number!
Yet line of business users still require answers, and fast. There’s a need to optimize analysts’ bandwidth so they’re able to serve the business more efficiently. Inundated with requests for basic reports on the social pulse, analysts’ aren’t providing maximum value to their companies when tasked with building expensive reports on vanity metrics. Decision makers aren’t even seeking reports: they’re seeking valuable information contained in reports, and in a more timely manner. Alleviating these bottlenecks in analytics workflows can save on costly cycles and radically optimize a model for getting answers back to the business faster.
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In order to keep pace with the speed of business, analysts can help themselves by seeking out ways to quickly dismiss the “non-starters”! Many of those proverbial “deli tickets” can be satisfied with a simple ad-hoc search in lieu of building out a full analysis or report. This is where Crimson Hexagon can help.
With our newest product, HelioSight, analysts are able to test and explore data dynamically to perform a quick fly-by of results and vet the need to provide any deeper investigation.
For example, take the analyst serving a large CPG brand tasked with identifying a new growth segment of young parents. Learning more about how moms and dads are engaging in broader recent social conversations as compared with other consumer segments. It all starts with a simple search, which returns snapshots of data in seconds…
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But in order to satisfy so many stakeholders, from brand-side strategists to campaign managers to other line-of-business team members, analysts need to iterate at the speed of thought to discover deeper insights. By applying filters on-the-fly without any need for structuring a complex Boolean query, the search can be iteratively honed and refined.
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parenting and health example HelioSight blog And just like that, the ability to parse into that conversation quickly and efficiently is available.
An analyst’s need continues to accelerate queries by filtering down and across helps to slice into insights, uncovering what might be worthy of a full historical analysis. In less than one minute, from the inception of the original ‘parenting’ search query, the analyst instantly arrives at a set of follow up questions: so, are there influential outliers in this parenting conversation? Are there dad bloggers into fashion? And moms into tech blogging?
By arriving at these initial questions sooner, analysts have the opportunity to accelerate better business questions, deliver more value back into the business, and ultimately enable the democratization of insights across organizations!
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