Twitter to Kobe: Keep Dreamin’ About Your Team

In another attempt to be better than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant believes that his 2012 US Olympic basketball team would “pull it out” against Jordan’s 1992 US Olympic basketball team, otherwise known as “The Dream Team”.  Unsurprisingly, this statement was controversial with “Dream Team” members Charles Barkely and Michael Jordan (who described the comment as “not one of the smarter things [Kobe] could have done.”)
The prospect of this fantasy match-up has basketball fans frothing with speculation and with over 70,000 opinions on Twitter, there seems to be a consensus.

The gold, according to Twitter, goes to the original “Dream Team”—56% believe they’re superior. Specifically, 32% acknowledge “The Dream Team” as something special, an additional 13% feel Michael Jordan will forever be the greatest.
However, Kobe’s argument wasn’t ignored. 30% felt that the current Olympic team stands a chance; claiming that the team is both more athletic (9%) and play a more competitive game of basketball (10%). Surprisingly, many who came out in support of Kobe felt it’s because Michael Jordan sees him as a threat to his record and his title as the “Greatest of All Time”.
Which is your team? Are Michael Jordan and “The Dream Team” untouchable or do Kobe and his team of superstars have what it takes to forge their own dream worthy status? Tweet us @crimsonhexagon with your thoughts or comment below.

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