Dove Wades Through Social Noise To Reach Their Target Audience: Men

As another Father’s day approaches, we decided to see who was taking advantage of the holiday to reach their target audience efficiently and effectively. For a brand like Dove, their audience consists mostly of women and their advertisements have been nothing short of a marketing miracle for the brand. They consistently bring in revenues that resonate to the power and goodwill of the brand. It’s clear Dove’s gender targeted advertising works to reach women, but will it speak to the opposite gender? If men are from Mars, can a brand as powerful as Dove appeal with their feminine exterior to men?
What’s most interesting about the general conversation on Father’s Day? It’s driven by women. Using key-terms specifically related to “father’s” and “father’s day” over the last week, we have found that the majority of users discussing Dad’s day since June 12th are 66% Female. But can you identify with men in a softer way, creating a gender-specific advertisement that men and women will both love? We took a look at the social media analysis to find out.
As a compliment to reaching men leading up to Father’s Day, Dove maintained their softened personality across all brands but spoke to the power of the holiday in a new advertisement positioned to resonate with new fathers (see below).

Overall, we want to know a few key things: how was this video received? Who was discussing it over social? And what were the interests and preferences of users invested in this conversation? Did Dove reach their goals of speaking directly to adult men about Father’s day?
We started by looking at the sentiment surrounding the advertisement over the last week. What’s clear? It’s overwhelmingly positive in support of the success of the advertisement. Removing the majority of news-sharing or neutral conversation, we can see that only 9% of total conversation is negative when focusing on positive or negative conversations. This is unsurprising with such a sweet and positive topic matter, but who was talking about the posts over social?
Daily Basic sentiment trend from 2015-06-13 to 2015-06-19
We went back to the monitor and looked at the demographics that would explain key identifiers about social users. We found that, as opposed to the general conversation about Father’s day, over half of posters were white, 35 or older men. This is great to see, but did it resonate with people who are interesting in parenting?
dove men gender age
We broke down the a audience interests surrounding these social, ad-sharing users. We found that key parenting Affinities™ appear, with those participating in this conversation interested 10x more than the average Twitter user. The advertisement, which also depicted a married couple of men adopting a child, has resonated with the gay community as well, as one of the key categories for the analysis was LGBT, 5x more interested in these conversations than the average Twitter user.
AffinitiesDay And Time from 2015-06-13 to 2015-06-19
This final piece of the analysis supports our premise: The advertising targeted and reached its intended audience of Fathers or middle-aged men and women successfully. This proves yet again, Dove knows how to maintain their key brand qualities while targeting niche marketing sectors effectively. Congrats to Dove on an excellent placement and Happy Father’s Day to all new fathers!

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