Donald Trump and Darth Vader Are No Match For Rick & Morty

And other surprising Halloween insights from social media

Every Halloween brings a fresh new set of horrors. In 2015, everything was turned into some variant of a minion. In 2016, people thought “Sexy Harambe” would make for a clever costume. In 2017, Rick & Morty costumes are so popular that they almost reached cat costumes’ ubiquity and Donald Trump impersonators terrified partygoers.
What makes some costumes more popular than others in a given year? How is the conversation on Halloween costumes changing overall? Looking at the social conversation on Halloween costumes this year, we were able to identify the most popular choices and gain insight into what people are saying about them.

Top Halloween costumes

Naturally, the timeless cat costume was the most popular in 2017. A highly customizable costume, being a cat can be as wearing an all-black outfit and putting on cat ears.

The second most popular costume this year is Rick & Morty, two characters from the TV show Rick & Morty. A variant of the Rick & Morty costume is Pickle Rick, a form Rick takes on during the show’s third season.

With a pumpkin-colored skin tone and fluorescent yellow hair, Trump is a caricature, making him a prime target for Halloween costumes. Many of these costumes serve to lampoon Trump. However, the costumes may not be well-received.

With the popularity of Star Wars, Darth Vader is a fitting Halloween costume.

Superheros make for good costumes and in 2017, batman tops the list.

The Movie “It” has inspired people to dress up as clowns.



Which states generate the highest volume of Halloween costumes discussion? Nevada, California, and New York top the list.


By looking at the social media conversation, we’re able to identify Halloween costume trends and analyze the conversation around them.
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