Do the Dodgers Need More Magic?

The Los Angeles Dodgers, after a highly publicized feud between former team owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig regarding the misappropriation of team funds for McCourt’s personal gain, have been sold to an investment firm led by NBA legend Magic Johnson for an astounding $2.15 billion. In offering a “100% cash option” for the team, Mr. Johnson and Guggenheim Partners have surpassed the previous record for the price of a major sports franchise, the last being $845 million for the Chicago Cubs.
As one of the most recognized franchises in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers have fallen on hard times during Mr. McCourt’s tenure, a fact that has been vocally lamented by Dodgers fans.

With this new acquisition, many Dodgers fans are hopeful that this will lead to a renaissance for the franchise, with 46% of the conversation viewing the sale positively:

  • 26% of the overall positive sentiment acknowledge this as a good thing for the Dodgers.
  • 8% are thrilled to have their team now owned by NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.
  • An additional 7% view their new team owner as an inspiration for all; Magic had a very public battle with HIV in the mid 1980’s.
  • And in the wake of this news, 5% of the drivers will now root for the Dodgers.

With 38% of the conversation neutral, 24% were simply spreading news of the deal, while 14% discussed the astonishing price.
As the Dodgers were already in bad shape, it’s fortunate that only 17% of the conversation has expressed a negative opinion in the wake of the news, due to indifference or a lack of optimism for the teams success.
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