Distilling Social Conversations Highlights CES 2014 Innovation

Editor’s Note: Crimson Hexagon’s Jani Virtanen attended CES again this year. He prepared this analysis with Juliet Taylor.
Social media buzz CES 2014
Recently the Consumer Electronics Show once again took over Las Vegas, filling the city with gadgets and innovators – and plenty of journalists and industry analysts to write about them. With each year certain trends or products stand out during the show making waves throughout the industry. With such a rush of new products and comments on them, it can be hard to determine the trends.
Using ForSight to analyze the topics of social conversation for the CES 2014, we found that 4K TVs, Ultra HD, the Internet of things, 3D printers, and connected cars were some of the most prominent topics. Wearable tech stands above the other topics in terms of social buzz. With over a quarter of the conversation, wearable tech was the hottest topic at the tech show.
CES Wearable Technology Topic Wheel
Taking a deeper look at the three wearable product launches — Pebble Steel, Garmin Vivofit, and Fitbit Force — we found that Garmin, which broke out of their GPS tradition with the Vivofit, a fitness tracker that only needs to be charged once a year, was a popular new product. Although it is new to the wearable tech scene, Garmin’s Vivofit garnered quite a bit of attention.
CES Wearable Technology  Products
Pebble has been a staple in the wearable space for awhile, however the launch of their ‘Steel’ product could be a game changer for the brand. Shiny and sleek, this ‘smart watch’ generated buzz and praise.
CES Pebble Steel Opinion Analysis
Of the total conversation about the new watch, 66% was positive, including 20% accounting for intent to purchase the Pebble Steel.
CES Wearable Technology Proportion of Posts
High-resolution display technology was dominated by 4K and Ultra HD products. We used ForSight to delve deeper into each category to find out what all the fuss was about. 4K TVs were all over the show, with many in attendance discussing the curved display. Sony also garnered a lot for attention for launching its 4K product with a price tag.  This gave potential customers insight into attaining the future of television. The impressive quality of the display dominated the social conversation about Samsung’s Ultra HD.

CES 2014 Social Conversations  4K TVs Ultra HD

‘The Internet of Things’ was all over CES 2014 with a popular panel and multiple exhibition halls. The chatter around ‘The Internet of Things’ was polarized, with some excited about the new tech and others remaining skeptical.

Social Conversation on internet of things CES 2014

The connected car created more social buzz than previously predicted. In the days leading up to CES, ‘connected cars’ or ‘smart cars’ were not predicted to be a dominant trend this year. However Audi ran over the competition by showcasing their smart car product: the Android in-car display, which connects the driver and the car to the surrounding environment.

CES 2014 social conversations car connect

Making another strong appearance at CES: 3D printing. Makerbot debuted a consumer-friendly 3D printer, which represents the first step toward putting 3D printing being in the hands of the average consumer. The launch from Makerbot helped keep 3D printing a hot topic at CES and sets the stage for its continued growth of this sector.

CES 2014 social conversations 3Dprinting

CES proved to be another exciting and engaging event on social media. These popular product trends at CES will shape the Consumer Electronics landscape into the future, and some of these products will make their way in our homes and driveways.

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