Disney To Ban Junk Food Ads In Programming

The Walt Disney Company has announced that advertising for junk food on their stations will end in 2015.  Lauded by First Lady Michelle Obama, this makes Disney the first major media company to institute a ban on specific advertising for its networks.
ForSight: Quantitative Analysis of Disney Junk Food Ban Conversation
Specifically, 36% praised the company’s initiative, citing the company’s forward thinking. Those who derided the decision, about 30%, did so for a variety of reasons.
Users who praised Disney’s decision were impressed by their position on children’s health issues.
Sample Commentary - Disney Junk Food Ban
Although some think the Mouse House might be overreacting a little bit.
Sample Commentary - Disney Junk Food Ban
Others noted this probably won’t change the food they have in their parks.
Sample Commentary - Disney Junk Food Ban
Although the analysis shows greater support for Disney’s initiative, there are still nearly as many who are skeptical of Disney’s plans. Those in favor think Disney’s a valuable ally for the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign, but some find the announcement, on the heels of Mayor Bloomberg’s 16oz. soda ban, a political maneuver; skepticism reinforced by the company’s decision to wait until 2015 to institute the junk food ban.
Additionally, there are others who feel the company is overreacting by telling parents how to parent, as well as hypocritical for profiting off the junk food in Disney’s many theme parks. Perhaps Mickey can find some common ground by working instituting the ban sooner in conjunction with replacing the junk food in their parks with healthier alternatives.If you were Disney what would you do? Comment below or tweet your thoughts to @crimsonhexagon.

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