Data democracy comes to the enterprise with HelioSight for instant social insights

HelioSight is a social intelligence search-and-discovery tool, for real-time social analytics you can understand, share and act on. Some time ago, we started asking ourselves what would happen if you could take the brain of a data scientist and drop it into the head of every business user across the enterprise. If unearthing valuable insights from billions of social media posts were as easy as typing a question into Google, what kinds of questions would business users ask? And how would the answers affect their performance and the ability of the whole business (from marketing, to product development, to consumer insights, to customer support and more) to tune into the world’s largest real-time focus group?

That line of thinking brought us to the product we’re launching today. HelioSight is the only enterprise-grade social intelligence search-and-discovery tool to contextualize insights in visual ways business users can understand, share and act on. HelioSight makes it easy to search Twitter’s full repository of posts from the last 30 days for near-instantaneous, visual results and uncover consumer feedback and insights – including demographics, affinities, emotions and more – on any brand, product or topic. With that insight in hand, staffers from marketing to product development to customer service and beyond can make faster, smarter business decisions.
It’s our response to the call for more data democracy and fewer data siloes, and we expect it will arm hundreds of users across large companies with the analytical superpowers once reserved for elite data scientists. Brand and agency users of HelioSight’s real-time social analytics will get these capabilities:

  •  Intuitive interface: Instantly and easily uncover social data insights via the search bar and filters.
  •  Complex, updated data sources: Analyze the last 30 days of social conversations in seconds.
  •  Business-critical insights: Easily consume search results through data visualization cards and simple text descriptions with relevant insights highlighted.
  • Filtered results: Filter reported insights by audience demographics and interests, time frames, overarching conversations, subject volume and sentiments, and associated hashtags and influencers.
  • Interactivity: Explore results through clickable cards, view example posts and uncover the full story relating to any singular data insight.
  • Cross-product navigation: Instantly click between HelioSight results and Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight platform as you investigate and analyze results.

City Football Group is already putting HelioSight to use, and head of research and insights, Andrew Gilligan will join us for a webinar on June 14, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. ET to discuss the impact of the HelioSight social intelligence product on business users and decision-making. Register for the webinar here to check it out.

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