Customers Not So Satisfied

Understanding Why Burger King’s New Satisfries Underwhelm Consumers

Burger King Satisfries
Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ social media analytics platform uncovers consumer sentiment around Burger King’s new product launch.
Key insights revealed around the fast food giant’s new Satisfries campaign revealed:

  • To date, the consumer response to Burger King’s new “Satisfries” has been very unfavorable; over 67% of the entire online conversation represents negative reviews.
  • The proportion of those who criticize the concept, and even express embarrassment when saying “Satisfries” at the order counter, has increased by 32% over time.
  • The introduction of the new menu item has also done little to positively influence the overall brand conversation.

In September 2013, Burger King announced the release of a healthier crinkle-cut fry option, which it branded, “Satisfries.” The fast food titan markets Satisfries as containing 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than its traditional french fries.
The company even teased franchise rebranding as “Fries King.” As a new innovation in the QSR space, Satisfries piqued our interest at Crimson Hexagon. How do consumers perceive this french fry option? What are the major factors contributing to positive and negative experiences with Satisfries?
Using the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform, we analyzed over 375,000 tweets about Burger King before and after the release of Satisfries. We also performed a separate analysis looking at 12,000 posts specifically related to the customer experience with Satisfries. By examining the social conversation through both of these lenses, ForSight reveals new consumer insight on the product launch and its overall impact on the Burger King brand.

Did the release of “Satisfries” boost consumers’ desire to eat at Burger King franchises? We invite you to view and download our complete study.

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