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Consumer reactions to current events are a fascinating way to understand some of the biggest news stories and what they mean to everyday people. Social media is the ultimate lens through which to analyze these reactions in real time. Whether it’s a political moment, a pop culture milestone, or a global crisis, social media response can help us understand the instant impact and unfolding meaning of some of the world’s most momentous occasions.
At Crimson Hexagon, we are often asked — by media outlets and journalists — to investigate the social media reactions to what’s happening across the world. Here, we’ll regularly update the social media analysis we’ve conducted on key topics in news and media. We’re calling this list The Crimson Post.

Will the SELF DRIVE Act make moves toward autonomous cars for all?

What can social data tell us about consumer reactions to self-driving cars, particularly after the passing of the SELF DRIVE Act? How can we measure the success of autonomous cars as a new potential market for consumers? We analyzed the social discussions around the new bill passing.
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What’s the next seasonal trend for beverage flavorings?

Is social media data is hinting at an upcoming showdown between Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Maple Pecan? How have these two flavors been discussed over social in the last 5 years?
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Trump’s influence on today’s leading businesses

What can social analytics tell us about the effect of Trump’s administration on public perception for today’s top brands?
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Did Whaboom Change the Popularity of The Bachelorette?

What can social media analytics show us about the favorability of this Bachelorette season? What could the programming directors for the Bachelor learn from these social responses to make a better show for viewers?
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What did the eclipse conversation look like across the U.S.?

We wanted to see if the solar eclipse conversation on Instagram mirrored the path of the actual eclipse, so we plotted the social media conversations including ”#eclipse” and superimposed them on a map of the US. Take a look to see what Instagram conversation across the US looked like:
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Is it time to get rid of surge pricing?

Uber and Lyft have been struggling with surge pricing for consumers. After a few public disasters when surge pricing was applied to local and national crises, does public opinion show that Uber should get rid of their surge rates? Here’s what today’s ridesharing audiences want
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A Turbulent Week For PR

Recently, two crises arose with United Airlines and Wells Fargo in the span of one week, each contributing to a major scandal. How would these events affect their perception to consumers? What did consumer share about these businesses during these dark times? We analyzed the social conversation related to each crisis.
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Grab ‘Em By The Data

The presidential decision to kill FCC privacy policies was met with disapproval from constituents over social media. What factors are most significant to the public? What topics were discussed surrounding these announcements? We analyzed the conversation in detail.
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A Hostile Climate

The Trump administration’s position on environmental policies has shifted radically between agenda items. With the latest announcement to eliminate the Clean Power Plan, we decided to gauge the public’s reaction to these shifts in political policies.
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Obamacare’s Last Stand?

As the Trump administration prepares to repeal and replace Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, we listened to the American people to see what they have to say about this latest change in the political agenda for this new executive administration.
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The Fearless Girl Takes on Wall Street

Overnight, a statue appeared directly across from the Wall Street bull—a young girl, standing defiantly in the face of the animal. The artistic intention of the piece resonated deeply with people around the world. Who discussed the statue? Why did they love or hate its presence?
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The Trump Dump

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line became the topic of contentious discussion when a senior white house staff member suggested that everyone should purchase items from her fashion line. Outrage spread quickly, as people questioned the appropriateness of the white house contributing to her private business’s success. We analyzed what the social response was.
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Why We Marched

At the start of this year, millions of people gathered in cities across the world, standing up for their political beliefs across a variety of topics. The march was a defining social movement, and we gathered the most powerful and shared discussions across social media related to this historic event.
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