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Recently, American Airlines announced that it plans to deploy iPads in all of its cockpits as part of a new electronic flight bag program for pilots. Carrying both safety and environmental benefits, the program promises millions in fuel savings– a laudable green initiative. But the marketer in me naturally considers the implications of such a move on the American Airlines brand. Will this initiative help American Airlines build new associations with safety and environmental advocacy? Perhaps it will. Now what I’m about to say I fear might sound unsettling, but I’m going to ask it anyway: Are these the associations American Airlines needs right now with its rebrand?
American Airlines rebranding evolution
In this complimentary ebook, I discuss rebranding strategy and present new consumer research on American Airlines. Based on this research, I then describe how you can establish your own meaningful KPIs from social media data, highlighting opportunities for American Airlines to take future action based on social media-inspired performance measures.
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