Crimson Hexagon’s First Experience with Periscope

Last week we hosted our quarterly Crimson Hexagon London customer event. When we selected the date for this get together we didn’t know it would coincide with the launch of Twitter’s new video platform – Periscope. With a mission as crazy  as to “build the closest thing to teleportation” anything could be expected. So we downloaded the Periscope app and started periscoping (??) right away. Thankfully Twitter’s Catriona Brown was around to give us a hand.
The platform is incredibly easy to use and in seconds you’re ready to communicate with the world. It smartly suggests users for you to follow and that’s it, you’re ready to connect visually with the world. And to think the Truman Show was released back in 1998!
The use cases for news reporting or sharing key family life moments are obvious. But how can companies use this functionality? We obviously don’t know how it will pan out but here’s how a company like Crimson Hexagon can leverage Periscope:

  • Events broadcast – In the corporate world, unless you’re talking about events like SXSW or Cannes Lions, driving attendance to events can be a huge headache. Let’s face it, we’re all busy with work commitments and if we’re going to get time out of the office we’d probably rather be doing something else. But what if you could just tune in from your phone to an event that is being broadcast live? Wouldn’t you at least tune in and half listen? As a marketer, that’s definitely better than not being involved at all.
  • Impromptu product / company updates – Do you know those times your product team is so amazing you just have to show them off to the world there and then? Or when you’d like to make an announcement but you need to write a press release and circulate it internally and then finally get it out? Using Periscope you can get news out faster and with a personal touch you can’t convey over the wire.
  • Live monitoring of a current event on our platform – So this is something we’re particularly keen to do at Crimson, given the nature of our platform. During a news break, an industry event or perhaps a customer service crisis, we can use Periscope to share how social media is reacting. Something for us to think about! Stay tuned!!

For a how to demo of Periscope check out this video by the Verge. A lot more use cases will emerge as the app user base grows. Twitter has been a platform from change across different sectors, so we can only hope that Periscope will help them continue on that path, just more visually.

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