Crimson Hexagon Wins MITX Promise Award!

We’re VERY proud to announce that Crimson Hexagon has been awarded the very first PricewaterhouseCoopers Promise Award by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)!
The award was conceived to spotlight emerging companies in the Boston technology community, as described here by MITX Executive Director Kiki Mills, for Xconomy’s Wade Roush:

ìThere are such exciting innovations that are happening within the startup community that deserve further attention and awareness. To shed some light on this, we decided to incorporate into the program a way to recognize the young, emerging companies and start ups that have solutions that may not be fully deployed but show significant promise.î

We want to thank MITX and PricewaterhouseCoopers for the warm recognition, and the entire Crimson Hexagon family for the hard work that made it happen.
We’ve had an amazing few weeks here in the Hexagon. Stay tuned for more exciting news…

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