Crimson Hexagon, Stephanie Newby named award finalist among top New England companies

On the heels of Crimson Hexagon’s strong momentum in the first half of 2017, we are pleased to announce that our CEO, Stephanie Newby was named an Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 New England finalist. The award recognizes 47 leaders and founders from New England’s most enduring startups and emerging companies across verticals and industries.
Crimson Hexagon’s award recognition is credited toward its tremendous employee, technology and customer growth. As proof of the key milestones, within the last three years under Stephanie’s leadership, Crimson Hexagon doubled its employee headcount, reached more than 10,000 active users, secured $20 million in growth equity financing, archived 1 trillion social media posts in its data repository, expanded its exclusive partnership with Twitter, grew its domestic and global offices and established a new set of company values to better serve the company. These values: be professional, be humble and be human inform Crimson Hexagon’s hiring, promotions, team collaboration and how employees interact with customers and vendors.
Being named a finalist also validates Crimson Hexagon’s traction toward being the hub for consumer insights for the largest enterprise brands in the world. With our repository of more than 1 trillion publicly available social media posts, brands have access to the largest, unsolicited, unfiltered consumer focus group on the planet instantly available at their finger-tips. Since Crimson Hexagon’s inception, customers have been able to combine deep analysis with oversight from the human brain, thanks to artificial intelligence, machine-learning and computer vision capabilities. With deep learning, our customers can find brands and objects within photos, and identify scenes, actions and demographics. In the next year, the vision for our platform is to provide users with more guided, opinionated and predictive insights about what they should pay attention to first and what will happen next. These techniques help to further democratize consumer insights, making it faster and easier for customers to find the insights that matter most to their business.
We will be tweeting live from the awards gala on Tuesday, June 27 in Boston. Congratulations to all the other finalists!
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