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Now so much more than logos

The conversations consumers have on social media are becoming increasingly visual. Across channels, the ways social media users “talk” about brands has far more to do with the camera function of their smartphones than with their keyboards.
For some time, brands and agencies have been able to analyze consumer images on social media to spot their own logos, and while that capability delivers valuable insights, there’s more to uncover. To fully understand consumer affinities, you need to understand the other elements in images, beyond your own branding.

Here’s how it works: Crimson Hexagon’s proprietary image analysis capabilities, combined with our analytics engine, ingests more than 125 million images a day. That steady diet of social media images trains and enhances the accuracy of our machine-learning image analysis algorithm to unlock insights within image data. Brands and the agencies that represent them can analyze the top objects and scenes that appear in photos for particular conversations. They can also see how these image-based elements evolve over time.
With social media users posting more than 3 billion images every day, this new capability is critical for understanding who is interacting with your brand, when, where and how. By recognizing scenes, objects, actions, faces and logos, you can analyze images to better tailor marketing campaigns, drive product enhancements, identify influencers and more.
Did your brand sponsor a major event? Image analysis can help you determine the ROI.
Think you know how consumers are using your product? Image analysis can surface an alternative usage you can market to others.
Wondering exactly who your target market is and where best to reach them? Image analysis can illuminate affinities between people, objects and scenes.
All this analysis gets delivered in visualizations that include image-specific filtering and a multimedia tile view display of analyzed posts. It’s an easily consumable dashboard from which to make better business decisions based on consumer insights.

Social media conversations come into sharper focus

Eighty-five percent of images on social media lack any text reference to the brands that appear in them. Gartner says this trend will continue, with “a relentless increase in image and video content” and “demand for improved indexing, content analysis and search capabilities.”
We know the future of content is visual; so is the present. Brands can no longer afford to rely on logo recognition alone as the basis for their visual social media analysis. With today’s introduction of Crimson Hexagon’s image analysis capabilities, marketers can get the clearest picture yet of their customers.
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