Crimson Hexagon Releases Live Dashboards

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Every second, an estimated 6,000 tweets are posted on Twitter. These tweets come from all across the globe, spanning a wide range of topics. Gone are the days when news was delivered by paperboys and papergirls dropping off print newspapers. In the digital age of social media, information travels instantly. Anyone with a Twitter account has access to real-time updates on any topic they are interested in. For example, during the 2018 midterm elections, voters all across the United States broadcast their voting experience and shared results as they came in.

For individuals, social media platforms are news sources, meme troves, and online diaries to air their thoughts. For brands, these online conversations are a treasure trove of insights. Crimson Hexagon’s newest platform enhancement, Live Dashboards, enables brands to monitor any topic of their interest in real-time. Users can create customized dashboards to track volume, sentiment, emotion, hashtags, demographics, and more.

Instant insights on any topic

In this example, we create a holiday shopping live dashboard. It is now holiday season, prime time for a mad dash to holiday markets, vintage and thrift stores, Target, the mall, or your computer to shop for family and friends. Brands seeking to understand consumer shopping behavior can access real-time social media data and unearth findings that can help inform them about their product offerings, marketing strategy, and response to customer concerns.

On the Crimson Hexagon platform, users can set up monitors on the topics of their liking. By setting up a query with the keywords of interest, they can gain an in-depth understanding of the consumer conversation. After doing so, they can select the visualizations needed for the live dashboards.

The Live Dashboards feature offers many different visualizations with three live options: volume, sentiment, and post list. For example, the volume chart shows the number of social posts about holiday shopping over time, helpful for brands seeking information on when consumers are discussing that topic. To enable the live feature, simply turn it on. For the time range, users can select either 30 minutes or 12 hours.

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