Crimson Hexagon Releases Audience Lists

Providing deep insights about target markets

When looking at the social conversation, the person behind the post is as important as the post’s contents. For brands, it is critical to know the audience that is driving conversation about their products, services, and events.

Crimson Hexagon’s audience lists can help brands and researchers understand the demographics, interests, and social circles of the people discussing certain topics. Brands can leverage audience lists to find out who their audiences are, where they reside, what their audiences are interested in, what their audiences are talking about, and how their audiences shift over time.

Our newest platform enhancement enables brands to obtain deeper insights about their target markets that they can use to inform product development, marketing campaigns, brand health monitoring, and more.

Build your own customizable list

The analysis starts with selecting who your audiences are. Our platform allows for easy list building. Users have the option of uploading a CSV of social accounts or generating a list by specifying the social profiles of interest. These include writing a keyword string for social biographies.

Here, I demonstrate how to search for social profiles by specifying words in user bios. I search for users who include words pertaining to interest in being environmentally friendly, using keywords environment OR environments OR environmentally-friendly OR “environmentally friendly” OR eco OR eco-friendly OR “eco friendly” OR “mother nature” OR mothernature OR “mother earth” OR motherearth OR earth OR planet OR climatechangeisreal.

Compare audiences

Any eco-friendly brand or brand seeking to incorporate environmentally friendly products would want to understand the interests of environmentally friendly consumers. How do they stack up to the average Twitter user?

Those with interests in a sustainable lifestyle are also more interested than the average Twitter user in animal rights, pets, celebrities, Star Trek, Nasa, nutrition, and LGBTQ+. They are politically minded, reading publications like Politico and the Guardian.

Find influencers

What are environmentally conscious people into? What social media personalities do they revolve around? This is a good first step in identifying who can influence those who care about sustainability.

This monitor shows the social media posts of environmentally conscious people. To narrow the scope of the posts, I looked at the conversation about cars. @elonmusk and @tesla are the top influencers when it comes to cutting back on fuel. @gm is another prominent brand in the discussion.

Identify conversation topics

What are environmentally minded people talking about on social media? By looking at a word cloud, we can get an idea of topics on their minds.

In January 2019, they discussed the government shutdown, new congress, wind chill, cold front, and snow. Their words they use on social media indicate their interest in current events.


Audience lists provides a razor sharp look into different audience segments, and it is all easily customizable. Not only can brands gain insight into who their followers are, but they can use this group as a filter for studying other aspects of the online conversation. Audience lists is the social analysis tool for sharper and more in-depth consumer insights.

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