Crimson Hexagon Indexes 500 Billion Posts

Chris Bingham discusses social media milestone

Crimson Hexagon is celebrating a milestone: 500 billion social media posts indexed.  That’s a cool half-trillion.  Or 5×1011, if you prefer.
We can all agree that this is a very large number.  Where did it all come from?  Back in 2008, we made an early decision to collect all the social media data we can and to keep it.  At first it was blogs and forum posts, only 1-2 million per day.  The pace accelerated as we added new content sources, and as the social platforms grew.  We added Twitter’s API in 2010, and its volume has grown impressively.  Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ followed.  We also have product reviews, YouTube comments, news articles, and many other sources.   The total daily volume will soon be around 700 million, so we will double again to 1 trillion in less than two years.
Twitter data is of course an important part of this repository.  Many of our competitors announce that they have “access to” Twitter’s API.  With our partnership access, and our  product’s speed, we can provide data faster and more reliably than many of the comparable products on the market.  And we get to keep all social posts (unless they are deleted by the authors).
Within these 500 billion Tweets, status updates, comments, blog posts, and news articles is an immense wealth of information and insight.  Also within (as every user of social media knows) is every imaginable kind of nonsense, balderdash, and irrelevance that can be conceived by humankind.
How can you realize the potential within this data, and put it to work for you and your business?  You need two things, besides the data itself.
The first is the ability to generate insights.  Crimson Hexagon is unique in its ability to reveal insights that are relevant to your business needs.  To separate the useful from the irrelevant.  To quantify the topics and themes that matter to you.  To track trends over years, and watch how they change in minutes.  To visualize the texture and detail of the conversation.  Without the ability to effectively mine the data for insights, it’s just that: a big old pile of data.
The second thing you need is the ability to put this insight-generating analysis to work on the data, quickly and easily.  You need to be able to look at real-time changes for the latest events, with an easy-to-use interface that won’t slow you down when you’re in the midst of a crisis.  And you need to mine years of history for the long-term trends, without a lot of hassle and expense.  One of our competitors charges thousands of dollars extra per historical analysis, and it takes days to weeks to complete.  We let our customers analyze as much of the 500 billion posts as they like, with no limitations on keywords or volume, with a median completion time of about 3 minutes.
And we’re not done.  As I write, we are connecting new data sources with significant volume and utility to our platform.  And we are developing new, innovative forms of insight-generating analytics, from audience segmentation to image processing.
Request an online product demonstration with us now.Here’s to the next 500 billion—and the insights your business will get from it!

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