Crimson Hexagon Delivers Cutting Edge Reverse Image Search Capabilities

At Crimson Hexagon, we’ve always focused on using technology to drive the most value for our customers. To us, that means staying at the forefront of new AI technology, modern user experience innovation, and advanced image analysis capabilities.

This keeps our customers ahead of the competition by using the latest technology to help uncover powerful consumer insights. Ultimately, we’re committed to improving our technology to make it easier for our customers to do their jobs every day.

“We do expect multimedia posts to become the predominant type of post on social media. Even the text that accompanies those posts is getting shorter and shorter…It becomes increasingly important for companies to be able to understand what’s going on in those images.”

-Jenny Sussin,VP of Research at Gartner

The issue for brands is that this visual data is more difficult to analyze and understand.

Crimson has continued to make it easier for brands to make sense of all of these consumer images. Our image analytics technology has the ability to identify and categorize logos, objects scenes, actions and more. Now we’re adding reverse image search capabilities, the first technology of its kind in the space. This will give brands the ability to perform a reverse image search in any large data source from internal enterprise data to social media.

For example, a record label could do a reverse image search for the cover art of a new album to understand how often it is appearing on social media and in what context.

Additionally, you could do a reverse image search on images submitted with customer care requests to identify specific product issues or risks.

Reverse image search makes it easy for brands to find insights in the mountain of image data online and in internal enterprise data. The capability is built on our leading technology for image analysis, which uses neural networks and AI to accurately identify and categorize details within large data sets containing images.

New ForSight: Modernization of the user interface

We’ve always been proud of our industry leading technology and its ability to help enterprises uncover insights. But what if using our state of the art enterprise platform was just as easy as using your favorite consumer-facing app? We’re modernizing our platform with the latest development tools to make it look and feel more intuitive than ever.

Why? Because we want users to be able to extract insights more easily. So we’ve revamped our entire platform to be as fast and responsive as slick as the best consumer apps. We’ve also set ourselves up to be able to make changes for our users more quickly than ever before.

Here are just a few of our recent platform enhancements:

  • Predictive alerts
  • Personalized insights feed
  • Data visualizations with an at-a-glance narrative
  • Event and crisis tracking
  • Interactive charts

This modernization of the platform is designed to make it easier than ever for anyone in any role to uncover powerful consumer insights.

Enhanced Support for Enterprise Content  

Social media data and other public online data are excellent sources of consumer insights. But your own enterprise data adds essential context these public data sources. We’ve added enhanced support for enterprise-held data sources like call transcripts, chat logs, reviews, and more to make it much easier for enterprises to analyze their own internal data in addition to social and online data.

Valuable insights often come from content much longer than a tweet. So, we’ve enhanced our support for enterprise-held data and analyzing long-form content. Metrics like sentiment about a new product can be challenging when analyzing longer content like product reviews, blog posts, news stories, and long forum posts. With enhanced analysis for longform content, Crimson Hexagon can now break down the content into smaller snippets to understand the context of a mention a specific brand, product, or other topic.

For example, a review of a new smartphone might mention different categories like the camera, screen, battery life and more. If the review speaks negatively about the battery life, but positively about the camera and screen, it would have previously been customary for the platform to choose the proper sentiment for the entire review. By breaking down the article into smaller snippets, it’s now possible to understand at a glance the sentiment and emotions for each section. In the case of product reviews, it makes it easy to understand how many reviews discuss specific features of a new product.

Now you can create and leverage rules-based categories together with the custom categories of machine learning. Crimson is first and only platform to have both. The combination of both methods is incredibly powerful for uncovering sentiment and context for everything from tweet sized posts to more substantive narratives in long blogs and long news articles.

All in all, we are very excited about making these new product offerings available to help our customers take advantage of leading edge UX/UI together with cutting edge technology.

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