Crimson Hexagon and Porter Novelli Announce Strategic Partnership

Today we announced a major strategic partnership with our long-time friends and allies over at Porter Novelli. This is a very big deal for Crimson Hexagon, and while the full text of the “Official Story” appears below, I thought I’d share some commentary on what this really means.
First off, let me say that while we are happy and proud to work with many partners in the agency space, Porter Novelli has a special place in our hearts and minds.
First there’s the factual observation that these guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to social media. CEO Gary Stockman is a longtime vet of the agency wars, and a person who embraces rather than recoils from technology. Anthony Viceroy is decidedly not-your-average CFO-type, more focused on value creation than on value capture for both clients and partners. CMO Marian Salzman – coiner of the term “Metrosexual,” and considered to be among the world’s top trendspotters – is just the kind of person you learn from every time she opens her mouth. Brad McCormick is the pro who discovered us, a visionary thinker and superior human being whose support for us has been unflagging since he first saw what our technology could do. And to all that they just added the great Steph Agresta – of GeekGirl fame – who brings more social media juice, smarts and energy to the table than most old school PR shops can muster company-wide.
That’s the “mind” part of why we’re excited about Porter Novelli. The “heart” part is that these guys and a growing number of key folks on their account teams were among the first to really understand what we do, and really get behind it in a way that takes vision, courage, and empathy. THANK YOU ALL, we really do appreciate this endorsement.
As for what it means… Today our business is providing a bundled offering that includes professional services and technology, and this announcement is the first of many steps over the coming year that will mark our migration toward the technology and away from the services. In the end our mission is to find patterns in the dots of the online conversation for our clients, and we have and will continue to do whatever it takes to make that happen. But in the end we are company built on science and technology, and as we put both in the hands of partners like the great people at Porter Novelli, you can expect big things to happen.
Here’s the release, in its entirety:

Porter Novelli Announces Strategic Partnership With Crimson Hexagon to Expand Social Media Analysis Capabilities

Alliance Boosts Specific Insights Into Consumer Opinion of Brands and Products
NEW YORK, June 18 /PRNewswire/ — Porter Novelli, a global communications agency, today announced a strategic partnership with Crimson Hexagon, a Cambridge, Mass.-based social monitoring platform provider that helps brands understand what online conversations really mean to them.
The Crimson Hexagon platform goes beyond basic keyword volume or sentiment analysis to examine the proportions of key themes within any given topic and how those themes change over time. Porter Novelli is deploying and integrating the Crimson Hexagon platform throughout its offices worldwide.
“We believe that social media metrics are a critical practice area. Combined with internal social media expertise and deep relationships with relevant influencers, Crimson Hexagon can provide value above reach and frequency analysis,” said Brad B. McCormick, executive vice president, digital, at Porter Novelli. “Our client teams have another critical tool in the tool box to help understand this quickly changing space.”
Based on technology developed at Harvard University by Professor Gary King, director of the university’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Crimson Hexagon’s enabling algorithm identifies patterns of opinion from large quantities of unstructured text, whether it’s an in-house content repository or the vast blogosphere. King co-founded Crimson Hexagon and is actively engaged in its business.
Unlike first-generation listening services, Crimson Hexagon’s VoxTrot platform focuses on identifying the patterns in the “forest,” rather than diagnosing individual “trees.” The result is a faster, less labor-intensive, more accurate understanding of what the online conversation really means for a brand, product or market category, as opposed to what words it contains.
“This approach builds on our agency’s research heritage and fits perfectly with today’s need to cut through the clutter and interact more effectively with stakeholders who can influence behaviors, sell products and shape reputations,” said Gary Stockman, chief executive officer of Porter Novelli.
How It Works
Crimson Hexagon’s social media monitoring “dashboard” tracks what is said online about brands, organizations and issues. The program monitors all forms of social media, including blogs, video-sharing sites, opinion review forums, photo-sharing sites and microblogging platforms. It uses quantitative data to answer qualitative brand questions, such as what specific emotions consumers feel about a product or service.
“We are delighted to enter into a global partnership with Porter Novelli,” said Candace Fleming, chief executive officer of Crimson Hexagon. “We’re confident the company’s clients will benefit from our in-depth monitoring and analysis capabilities. Our solution’s unique ability to allow agencies to define their own formula weightings for ranking social media influencers will ensure Porter Novelli’s strategic intellectual property is embedded in the results they share with clients.”
About Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon helps big brands and small businesses understand what the online conversation really means to them. Based on groundbreaking work conducted at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Crimson Hexagon is the only commercially available listening platform that distills meaning — with mathematical precision, about brands, products, services, markets and competitors — from the cloudy torrent of opinion, information and data available online. Founded in 2007, Crimson Hexagon is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, contact us at (617) 547-1072 or visit
About Porter Novelli
A global public relations leader, Porter Novelli was founded in 1972 and is a part of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) . With 100 offices in 60 countries, Porter Novelli helps clients achieve Intelligent Influence–changing attitudes and behaviors by having the right conversations with the right people at the right time. Visit

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