Creating Tomorrow at Dubai Lynx


Dubai Lynx, the MENA sister event of Cannes Lions, is focussing this year on the future of creativity, with its #LynxCreateTomorrow hashtag and lineup of speakers and partners from across the region and beyond. This topic is familiar to attendees of the event, creative agencies and professionals. But how is that focus resonating with those attendees as they discuss the ‘International Festival of Creativity’ online?
The top Hashtags show the ‘official’ tag of the event alongside advertising, innovation (and Crimson Hexagon’s own contribution #hotsocialdatastuff !), as well as content from some of the high-impact keynote sessions on day one of the show.

Themes also emerge when looking at other metrics, such as influencers, prolific authors, and actual content being spread and tweeted. For example, some of the popular Tweets from day 1 at the event focuses on a quote promoting the idea of more creative ‘doodling’: scope and freedom for creativity among employees of agencies. A message that surely finds a positive reaction among creative industry insiders!
The reach and sentiment of a campaign, whether a large multimedia advertising drive, or a single social media post, is clearly important, but knowing the audience, and what may drive them to engage, is equally so.
Looking at the trending topics around the event in the wheel image below, we clearly see creativity, both explicitly and implicitly, as well as a future-facing outlook.
dubailynxtopicwheelGoing beyond simple metrics and trending topics, it’s possible, with the right approach (and a helping hand from technology such as Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight) to go into more depth. By uncovering the reasons people use certain language, the drivers of their sentiment or opinions, and even looking at who they are, can be immensely valuable in generating truly actionable insight. For more information on how one agency, Translations LLC, did this, for their client (the Brooklyn Nets) see this video or come see Crimson Hexagon live on the remaining days of Dubai Lynx!
One other way to test the real resonance of an event theme is to look at the ‘psychographic’ interests of people talking about, or attending, that event. Using Crimson Hexagon’s ‘Affinities™’ technology to do exactly that (image below) we uncover deeper profiles of the Dubai Lynx audience.
They are clearly professional, with over-indexed interests including ‘content marketing’, ‘digital media’, ‘web design’, but also creative, with ‘fashion’, ‘filmmakers’, ‘design’, ‘writing’ and even explicitly ‘creativity’ also appearing strongly when comparing this group with the general UAE population.
Dubai Lynx is obviously attracting, and engaging, a creative, professional audience, likely to respond well to, and spread, their messages.
So, let’s continue to ‘create tomorrow’, as the event hashtag suggests, and fire up technology that identifies trends, and uncovers the reasons and drivers behind the conversations, and insights into the individual behind those trends.

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