Consumer Research Embraces Online Chatter

When consumer research giants like P&G and Unilever announce an impending industry shift, it’s time to take notice. It’s no surprise that consumers are tiring of solicited feedback: lately it seems that every online purchase I make from movie tickets on up merits an exhaustive survey. Even a call to a mutual fund company yields an intrusive follow up call to see how the first call went. Phew.
Wouldn’t it be better to minimize the endless questioning, and limit the solicited research to the highest value settings and interactions? That’s the thinking behind this Advertising Research Foundation initiative. ARF is bringing together industry giants to† engage with this consumer research crisis.
We’re hearing about the challenges of finding qualified participants on the solicited research side, and on the monitoring side, a concern around sampling vs. statistically significant results. As the barriers to online content fall one Tweet at a time, we’re thinking we’re closing in on the ability for consumer brand discussions to consistently generate statistically significant insights.

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