Consumer Feedback on New Gmail and Mailbox App Features

Social Media Crowdsourcing Is World’s Largest Focus Group

Listening to consumer feedback has always been a vital part of product development. Today, consumers are not shy about sharing their feedback, especially over social media. When the Mailbox App was released this past February, consumers were quick to offer their opinions to their social networks. But was Mailbox able to listen to product feedback in the midst of the thousands of posts about the app?
Consumer feedback on gmail appTraditionally, listening to consumer feedback would involve a lengthy, and time-consuming, process of surveys and focus groups. However, Crimson Hexagon believes that social media has now arisen as the largest focus group, offering unsolicited consumer opinions in near real time. The challenge is that there are literally billions of unsolicited opinions and one must be able to effectively sort, organize, and analyze social data.
Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ social media analysis allows users to effectively categorize social media to measure marketing campaigns, consumer opinions and product features. Using ForSight™, our team measured consumer reactions to the Mailbox app shortly after its release from February 7th to March 1st.
Consumer feedback on Gmail app
One way in which Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform is unique is that it can capture the drivers of sentiment. The overall reaction to the Mailbox app’s release was mostly positive, with 56% of the conversation expressing opinions affirming the new app. With ForSight, we can go even deeper to determine the motivations for those positive opinions. Consumers reported they loved the app (16% of the conversation), the app helped them become more organized (5%), or they wished that other email services could be used with the app (34%).
The 23% of consumers who expressed negative reactions did so because they were generally “not a fan” of the app (general discontent), were frustrated with the setup process, or preferred to use the Gmail App.
Another way in Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform is unique is that it can capture and categorize product feature feedback and suggestions.
Gamil feedback and suggestions
Of all the initial consumer reactions, 22% of the conversation was related to consumers suggesting or looking for enhancements. Surprisingly, this is only 1% less than the negative sentiment. As can be seen above, the most popular suggestion was the desired ability to sync Gmail folders and labels within the Mailbox app.
If we look at the proportion of posts by category, we see that after the initial release of the app, conversation begins to move away from the hype of a new app and shifts to consumers offering product feedback. From February 10th through the 22nd, almost one third of the conversation about the Mailbox app were suggestions for new product features.
Consumer crowdsourcing feedback on gmail

We can see an example of such a suggestion below:

Consumer feedback via Twitter

The near real-time aspect of social media allows companies to listen to consumer feedback and quickly apply that information to product development. However, the company needs to be able to sort through the thousands, and sometimes millions, of posts about a product promptly and effectively. Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight™ platform allows a company to quickly and accurately understand the complexity of consumer feedback on social media.
For more information on how consumer feedback can help drive product development,  download our Blackberry Z10 New Product Adoption Study.

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