In Wake of Colorado Shooting, Questions Remain and Gun Control Debate Ignited

The devastation following a movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado, that left 12 dead and 58 injured, has left the nation reeling. As with any tragedy, many questions remain unanswered. While many try to rationalize the events by looking for an explanation, others’ lives remain altered forever, hoping that something so tragic will never happen again.
As the events unfolded, social media reacted, with social news site monitoring police scanners, Twitter and Facebook were left wondering how this could have happened, as well as what should become of the shooter.
However, the most impactful resolution to come from this tragedy may be felt in the highly charged debate over gun control regulation.
Crimson Hexagon ForSightTM analyzed nearly 360,000 relevant online opinions from Facebook and Twitter about the tragedy’s impact on the gun control debate, as well as the tragedy in general.

Interestingly, the conversation surrounding gun control is relatively even, with 9% calling for stricter control while 10% feel no increased regulation is needed.

Although many feel sides will be taken, as 11% anticipate this event will become politicized as the election draws near.

Beyond the tragedy’s implications at a national level, a majority of reactions focused on the situation directly.
Over 26% recounted details of the events, noting the heroism of those who died protecting their loved ones. Other’s reactions focused on the shooter, namely admonishments of his character as well as his motivation and what his consequences should be.

Would tighter gun control legislation have prevented the events in Colorado or would outlawing guns only make guns available to the outlaws? Tweet us your thoughts @crimsonhexagon.  (And, as always, please let us know if you’d like a live online demo of the ForSight platform!)

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