Responding to Social Media, Coca-Cola Relaunches Product Line

Remember these cans on your grocery store shelves?

It’s back by popular demand! Discontinued in North America back in 2000, Coca-Cola’s Surge soda is now available online. A group known as “the Surge movement” led the campaign to #bringbackSurge to the States. We wanted to know more about the online movement and whose prayers were answered when the soda returned to the American market.
Surge Age Breakdown
Delving into the social media conversation, we see Surge’s biggest fans online are ages 25-34. This age range would have been adolescents during the soda’s most popular production years. It makes sense that these consumers remember this product line with nostalgia. ForSight’s Affinities graph further identifies the interests and passions of Surge’s social media support system within the Coca-Cola empire.
Surge Affinities
What’s interesting is how the Affinities graph shows consumers who are excited to have Surge back, with varied interest from college and university affinities to sneakers and lower interests in segments like Miley Cyrus. These interests imply that younger generations are also talking about Surge and that this returning soda will meet a brand new market. So, what exactly are Surge supporters saying?
Surge Topic Wheel
The ForSight Topic Wheel shows the enthusiasm expressed online for the return of Surge soda, with even a specific mention of “kids,” likely linked to the nostalgic consumers out there remembering having Surge when they were kids. There’s more than one way to campaign, but it seems social media has helped Surge return. Surge soda by Coco-Cola is now available exclusively on, which is also represented in the social conversation.

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