Google Chrome Wins Over Consumers, Market Share

For the first time in history, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer no longer runs the web. Instead, Google’s Chrome web browser has become the most popular browser.

Chrome Analysis

Why the switch? According to our Twitter analysis, the most important factor for users is personalization. 14% said they chose Chrome because of the lack of advancement on Internet Explorer’s end seemed to catch up with it, as general negative sentiment assumes 31%, users are conditioned to view the software’s flaws and little else.

ForSight - Quantitative Drivers of Sentiment - Google Chrome Web Browser
Quantitative Drivers of Sentiment – Google Chrome Web Browser

Negative opinions about Chrome were markedly lower thanks to the browser’s personalization features and quickness.
Example Commentary - Google Chrome

Firefox Analysis

Consumers now see Mozilla attempting to catch up to Chrome by issuing numerous updates to Firefox.
Example Commentary - Firefox Analysis

Internet Explorer Analysis

According to Twitter users, the only thing Internet Explorer has going for it now is its commercials.

Quantitative Analysis - Internet Explorer
Quantitative Analysis – Internet Explorer

Results Comparison

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