Crimson Hexagon & Twitter Partner to Deliver Real-Time Insights at CES

Social media analysis of the 2018 CES conversation

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off in Las Vegas today, is one of the year’s biggest tech events. Every year, thousands of consumers, brands and innovators descend upon CES to see and discuss the future of consumer tech up close and personal.
Of course, not all of the conversation and news happens on the showroom floor — much of it takes place on social platforms, especially Twitter. Even those not lucky enough to make it to CES can follow the show’s biggest announcements, demonstrations and sessions from their phones.

What new product is generating the most buzz? Which brand is dominating the CES conversation? What are 2018’s biggest tech surprises? These are all questions that social media can help us answer, but only if we can make sense of the massive CES discussion on social.
To do this, Twitter has partnered with Crimson Hexagon to help make sense of the massive CES social conversation and provide real-time insights about the week’s top stories and events.
Throughout the week, Twitter and Crimson will work together to analyze the conversation about CES and share the most important, real-time insights — not just which products and companies are getting the most buzz, but also surprising announcements, historical context, funny observations, emerging industry topics and a lot more.

“Crimson Hexagon’s powerful data insights make it easy to see how the world is reacting to shows like CES on Twitter” 

-Seth McGuire, Co-GM of Data and Enterprise Solutions at Twitter

These insights aren’t just for armchair CES fans, though as Twitter themselves are displaying real-time insights from their Crimson Hexagon-powered dashboard.

Not going to be at CES in-person? Follow @Crimson Hexagon and @TwitterMktg on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest insights on the CES conversation!
Powering Twitter’s CES dashboard is just one example of how the Crimson Hexagon platform can help brands, agencies and news organizations surface the most compelling insights from social media conversations. In addition to real-time insights for CES, Crimson Hexagon is helping power TicToc by Bloomberg, the first and only global news network built for Twitter.

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