CEOs Talk Social Webinar: The Social Journey to ROI

This month on Social CEO’s Talk Social, host Stephanie Newby will be interviewing guest CEO Katy Howell of immediate future – an award-winning agency in the UK founded and led by Katy. Katy has been passionate about social media for more than a decade – demonstrating the vision she had to see its potential.
She combines social data with Voice of the Customer survey data to unearth insights on how to boost ROI for the travel industry, including:

  • Travelers are noisy in social media. In fact, they over index compared to the average UK population. And they are more likely than the average Brit to share, comment, and post reviews.
  • Different platforms are used at different points of the journey: Twitter dominates the conversation on surfacing ideas about where to go; 53% of planning the trip occurs on Facebook, and Instagram dominates the on-vacation experience – “visual bragging”.
  • 52% of Facebook users say their friend’s photos influenced their holiday choices.
  • Hashtags are in prolific use by holiday travelers. #holiday #vacation #instagood #selfie #picoftheday

Join our webinar to learn more from Katy on boosting the ROI from the social journey. She believes brands should shift their marketing spend from demand to recommendation for higher returns, and has the data to back this up!
Social CEO’s Talk Social is a regular webinar by Stephanie Newby, CEO of Crimson Hexagon. The goal is be informative, interactive, and to have a bit of fun. Importantly she wants to get behind the CEO title to learn more about the person on the other side.
Date: 18th June
Time: 10am EST / 3pm BST
Click here to listen to this previously recorded webinar.

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