CEOs Talk Social: Social Media Beyond Marketing

Social media and its use has moved beyond marketing. As Tiffany St James, CEO of UK Digital Transformation Consultancy, Transmute, says “The single most helpful use of social media in a corporate context is business intelligence”. Social media informs strategic business decisions across the enterprise, and not just because it is a powerful source of customer feedback.
Outside of marketing, other uses include:

  • HR, from attracting new talent to showcasing¬†culture
  • eCommerce, driving sales from social media platforms
  • Cross-silos, for collaboration and communication
  • C-Suite, as an input to strategic decisions, alongside other Business Intelligence
  • Customer service, to gain insights into what customers are saying, what their interests are, and how to serve them better as well as directly delivere social customer service.

Tiffany St James will discuss her research in our upcoming webinar Social CEOs Talk Social. She indicates that there has been huge growth in the use of Social Media in Customer Service and HR. Her work with large enterprises has been focused on “Digital Transformation through People”, and HR has begun to dominate demand for her company, Transmute, where she has worked on a myriad of projects including digital skills capability mapping, identifying talent, desired behaviour, social listening, corporate reputation, organisational development, and thought leadership.
Social business is a term often used for double bottom line businesses, or businesses that focus on a specific social impact. But the term is also emerging to capture the process of leveraging social media to transform how business is done.
Join us on Thursday September 10th at 3pm UK time and 10am US Eastern time to learn more about social media beyond marketing. The Social CEOs Talk Social series is designed to be information, interactive, and fun.
Date: 10th September
Time: 10am EST / 3pm BST

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