CEOs Talk Social: Ogilvy PR UK's 2017 Social Media Trend Predictions

We’re kicking off the first 2017 edition of CEOs Talk Social webinar series with the CEO of Ogilvy PR UK. Our guest CEO, Marshall Manson, is a strong advocate for social media, and is especially excited about how the medium has evolved from pure data to a platform for surfacing insights and understanding audience.
Marshall has been on a roll — having made several accurate predictions in 2016 on both social and digital trends, he is now “outing” his 2017 predictions. Before getting to those, here’s the tally on his 2016 predictions:
1. Prediction: Adblockers will continue to rapidly grow.
Answer? Nailed it: Adblockers were up 34% in 2016 compared to 2015.
2. Prediction: 2016 will be the year of video innovation.
Answer? Nailed it: evidence includes Google shipping over 5 million cardboard 3-D viewers, YouTube viewers watching more than 350,000 hours of virtual reality related-content, and the many evolving use cases for video across social.
3. Prediction: On Millennials: It’s time to ignore Millennials as a cohort.
Answer? Marshall admits he got this one wrong: Marketers remain obsessed with the Millennial perspective (though he believes, “Seriously, this has got to stop”).
With that track record, we are excited to learn about Marshall’s 2017 predictions. We will also have the opportunity to probe him on some of his more controversial opinions, including:

  • How the industry’s “over-reliance on dubious platform metrics” at the aggregated level is leading to distrust from the marketing community
  • How social media platforms hiding behind “walled gardens” may experience push back from their advertisers in the wake of bots and fake news
  • And more!

Expect a lively discussion as well as some fun on Social CEOs Talk Social.

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