Car Sharing is Caring: Uber and Lyft Prove Value to Consumers

social sentiment on car share1
The car sharing service industry is getting more and more traction with consumers. Taking the companies Uber and Lyft as case study examples, we analyzed social media conversations to see how consumers felt about the industry.

Some key insights revealed:

  • Majority of users (~60%) express positive sentiment toward Uber and Lyft. Conversation surrounding the friendliness of Uber and Lyft drivers is the largest driver of positive sentiment (21% and 14%, respectively).
  • People remain unsure how each service works. Questions about each service, such as where you can get picked up, made up 15% of Lyft conversation and 9% of Uber.
  • For Lyft, negative sentiment focuses on overall poor quality of experience (5%) and safety concerns (5%).
  • For Uber, driver quality goes both ways as 9% of consumers express sentiment around a poor driver experience and that the service being too expensive (6%).

social sentiment on car share2In the age of the collaborative community, car sharing apps and services have begun to gain momentum as a legitimate alternative to traditional taxi services. Uber, which first started as a premium priced, luxury black car service has steadily seen new competition enter since it first launched in San Francisco in 2010.
One of its biggest competitors has been Lyft, a peer-to-peer car sharing service that allowed anyone with a car to apply to become a driver and offered a lower priced alternative to Uber and cabs. In response, Uber launched its UberX service, which is its lower priced service that has both commercially licensed drivers and non-licensed drivers who use their own personal car.

With both companies rapidly expanding into new markets and consumers increasingly becoming aware and accepting of these ride sharing services, we thought it would be helpful to analyze Uber and Lyft in-depth to see what consumers think about this new industry and where problems still exist.

For further details on this industry topic, take a look at the #Uberkittens brand health and campaign analysis here.

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