Can Social Media Analytics Help Nonprofits Fight Climate Change?

New Climate Economy Found that Social Insights Provide Huge Dividends
Like many for profit businesses that have been tracking consumers trends and opinions on social media, nonprofit organizations are taking advantage of Crimson Hexagon’s industry-leading platform to explore innovative changes in a variety of industries. For instance, climate change awareness has greatly increased advances in alternative energy and manufacturing solutions that decrease business’ carbon footprint. Although many solutions maximize economic and environmental benefits, they are not always adopted by the businesses that would profit from them. Fortunately, nonprofit organizations have been formed to help organizations make the right choices.
The New Climate Economy is a nonprofit project that helps governments, businesses, and organizations make informed decisions to maximize economic prosperity and development while also addressing climate change. The New Climate Economy presents its findings to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, a 28-member commission of former heads of government, finance ministers, and business leaders. In addition to interacting with government and business leaders and the media, the Commission has published several extensive reports and the project has released an array of country and sector reports and press releases on the climate.
Based on positive news coverage such as media articles, broadcast interviews, and meetings with government officials, it appeared as though the release of these reports were a success. While the New Climate Economy’s messages seemed to resonate with the interested public, tracking social media was not enough to determine whether or not the reports had influenced the larger social media discourse.
Crimson Hexagon’s platform allowed the New Climate Economy to measure trends in sentiment, opinion, volume, and audience demographics and interests. An analysis of the evolving climate conversation showed substantial changes in content, volume, and audience characteristics over time. While the New Climate Economy may not have been solely responsible for this change in opinion, they are confident that their reports made a substantial impact.
An efficient analysis of how policy reports influenced a global audience has provided numerous valuable dividends for the New Climate Economy. Conversation and audience statistics from before and after the releases were circulated at Commissioner meetings, cited by partnership leads, and incorporated into fundraising efforts. Crimson Hexagon’s platform enabled New Climate Economy to capture changes in conversation due to policy reports, strengthen their impact, and pursue explorations into new topics like who is tweeting about aviation and maritime issues and what topics are being discussed when people write on finance and infrastructure.
To read the full analysis compiled with New Climate Economy, we invite you to review our customer case study.

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