Breaking Out of Holiday Branding: Champagne

Guide Year-Round Marketing of a Seasonal Favorite with Social Analysis

Every December 31st, people get together for the biggest toast of the year: the New Year’s clink. Unsurprisingly, liquor and champagne brands have traditionally geared their strategies and campaigns to align with the annual New Year’s spike in consumption.
But should your marketing strategy revolve only around one season? What else are your consumers telling you about their interests, and how can consumer insights and brand managers better measure, message, and market their season products.
To find out, we took to the champagne conversation on social media with nearly 40,000 relevant posts. (And yes, bubbly is biggest around the holidays).
Champagne Opinion Monitor
As anticipated, the largest spike occurs in late December and early January and centers around New Year’s Eve and Christmas (64% of the conversation). We also see a spike in June and July due to weddings and graduation, making up 10% of the conversation.
Interestingly, 36% of the conversation is just general, where champagne is used as a pairing for food or to toast that new job.

While it’s valuable to track the volume over time and topics of conversation, ForSight’s Affinities technology takes us a step further to look at who our bubbly enthusiasts are. We are able to compare the interests of those talking about champagne and the holidays and those talking just about the holidays, without mentioning champagne.
Champagne Image 1
Our champagne lovers show a strong affinity for wine (5x as likely to be interested in it compared to those just interested in the holidays), with a tremendous clustering of affinities for all things British. This includes the English Premier League (2x), British reality TV star Geordie Shore (4x), Ricky Gervais (2x), BBC radio (2x), Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester, London and just plain “England” (2x).
In contrast, our non-champagne holiday group is 11x more likely to be interested in being a mom, and 2x as interested in parenting, entertainment news, and makeup than those breaking open the bubbly.
While our analysis began with the obvious (timing and volume of conversation around a seasonal product), it ended up revealing far more about our holiday champagne consumers than just their propensity for toasting in the New Year.
Our social data analysis shed insights on champagne consumers interests that could otherwise be missed: champagne and… England? Who knew. Perhaps champagne brands should consider the British soccer season as part of a new “seasonal” strategy? Thanks to ForSight’s Affinities, we know what sets our holiday champagne drinkers apart and how to better engage them in their interests.

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