Top Brands for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Uncovering the most-discussed brands on social media

November revolves around Thanksgiving, but there are two holidays that may very well eclipse the festive Turkey-themed day: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Notorious for lines that start to form long before the doors open on Black Friday, large crowds, and fights, certain brands dominate the Black Friday conversation. Cyber Monday is the calmer alternative to Black Friday. Taking place online, shoppers can browse at their leisure from the comfort of their homes. Just as there are brands consumers gravitate to on Black Friday, certain brands come out on top for Cyber Monday. Looking at the social media conversation for this year, we are able to surface consumer preferences for both shopping holidays.
We looked at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday conversation from October to November 2017. Looking at the top-mentioned handles and keywords, we surfaced the top brands for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Buy (30% share of voice)

When it comes to scoring Black Friday electronics deals, there’s no better place than Best Buy, according to social media. Similar to how people anticipate the Walmart Black Friday ad, people also eagerly await the Best Buy Black Friday ad.

The lengths some people go to be first in line can be extreme, something social media users are quick to point out.

Target (29% share of voice)

Target is also Black Friday royalty. This year in particular, the hype is centered around Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation. Swift is selling a Target-exclusive magazine that accompanies her album, inciting excitement for her fans.

People also discuss other entertainment deals, like Stranger Things and Wonder Woman.

Keurig (4% share of voice)

Year after year, the usual suspects (Walmart, Best Buy, and Target) dominate Black Friday conversation. But in 2017, Keurig splashed onto the scene. Controversy ensued when Keurig announced on Nov. 11 that it will no longer advertise on Sean Hannity’s show. Their decision was a response to a question posed by Twitter user Angelo Carusone, who pointed out that Hannity defended Alabama senatorial candidate and pedophile Roy Moore.

This decision resulted in Hannity supporters destroying their Keurig machines in protest. Others called it “bad marketing” on Keurig’s part, with Black Friday quickly approaching. On the other end of the spectrum, people who agreed with Keurig’s decision to remove ads from Hannity’s show encouraged buying Keurigs on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday Top Brands

Amazon (64% share of voice)

An online retailer, Amazon easily dominates Cyber Monday. On Amazon, consumers have the ability to purchase just about anything: makeup, gardening supplies, cameras, books, and more. People reason that purchasing goods from Amazon online beats standing in line on Black Friday.

Best Buy (20% share of voice)

Best Buy has the second-highest share of the Cyber Monday discussion. People who are not able to make it to the store in person talk about buying electronics online.

Target (12% share of voice)

People discuss ordering from Target on Cyber Monday, rather than braving the crowds.

GameStop (4% share of voice)

GameStop is also a popular Cyber Monday destination, with consumers clamoring to buy games.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are chaotic holidays. Looking at the social media conversation helps us figure out which brands are the most-wanted.
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