Brand exposure on social media – Analysing 3 big brands that “aced” Wimbledon 2015

As brand Wimbledon continues its journey to shift away from a “stuffy” image and connect with more fans across more platforms, 2015 is quickly shaping up to be the year brand Wimbledon smashes social media out of the court!  As of Wednesday 8th July, just mentions and hashtags of the Wimbledon names on Twitter and Instagram generated over 2.6 million conversations resulting in potentially 33 billion impressions (that’s a lot of eyeballs!)
Here’s a round-up of what some of the sponsors were doing for Wimbledon, how that was picked up on social and all the social data that accompanies it “served” up to you in this post.
As well as the TV and outdoor “Live Young” advertising campaigns that includes the likes of tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, Evian had their own “Live Young” suite at the event and gave access to many well known guest.
Wimbledon tennis
This invite, in particular, generated a potential 11 million impressions on the 29th June alone which contributed largely to Evian’s success on Twitter that day.
Wimbledon tennis
Evian didn’t stop there.  Their #Wimblewatch campaign which films a mix of celebrities and Wimbledon goers on a couch, commenting on a roundup of the day’s action (ala Gogglebox) aligned more celebrities to the brand during the two weeks.
The potential power of a celebrity recognising your brand on social media can be seen here where Ellie Goulding mentions Evian in a tweet and Instagram.  This causes the huge spike in potential impressions on 8th July.

For the time period, 29th June to 8th July, Evian generated 120 million potential impressions (again, I’ll repeat, that is potential eyes seeing the brand on social).
Pimm’s the brand has become synonymous with the British summer life and it’s existence on social media at Wimbledonis no different.
The drink was featured in over 5,000 user generated posts on Instagram and Twitter alone as consumers wanted to share their experience at Wimbledon.  The fruit cup was subjected to the traditional Wimbledon queue. It joined many on, the now iconic, Henman hill/Murray mound (depending on your age!)
Wimbledon tennisScreen Shot 2015-07-09 at 09.22.03
This analysis is based on monitoring brand mentions and hashtags.  It gives us a fascinating insight of WHERE and HOW brands are consumed at events or even during a consumer’s everyday life.
With Crimson Hexagon’s new image recognition release, brands will be able to measure their share of eye as the ability to track exposure of brand logos becomes more and more advanced.  With this tech, there’s no requirement of the user to include a hashtag or brand’s name for the post to be picked up.
Stella Artois
The beer brand treated passers-by to a virtual reality experience featuring the tennis courts’ Rufus the Hawk.  The experiential marketing stunt was a hit on social.
Rufus the Hawk
We were able to dive deeper into the data and learn more about the persona of user that was talking or viewing this story on social.
Wimbledon tennis
The interest group “bubbles” reveals more insight around what else the user, that is engaging with the Stella Artois campaign, is also interested by.  The further left the interest group is placed, the higher indexed it is to the beer brand’s campaign.
By harnessing the vast volumes of social data with social media analytics tools, brands can understand far greater how the social channel has contributed to the value of their sponsorship.
If the sponsorship objective is to build brand awareness, metrics such as impressions, mentions and retweets need to be analysed.  Similarly, these KPIs and analysis of user engagement are required if the goal is to consolidate brand loyalty.  Finally, if a brand is looking to ultimately drive sales through sponsorship, then a tool that provides you with the ability to look granually at the data set and quantify conversations expressing intent to purchase is required.

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