Brand Affinity Struts Over Social in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It’s that time of the year… Are we talking about holidays? Well yes, if you consider angels, glitter, and piles of followers a part of your annual traditions.  Viewers from all around the globe look forward to this one hour in front of their TV sets; with over 1.5 million Tweets in the last ten days and more than 750,000 Tweets in less than 24 hours. That’s why the mecca of lingerie fashion L Brands and their flagship world-renown Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show deserves their own designated Victoria’s Secret national holiday. With a lower volumes of chatter this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we expected the conversation around the undergarment behemoth to be dipping as well. We were mistaken as, through the extensive promotion, the runway show went off without fail, garnering an unbelievable 8.1 billion impressions through the Twitterverse.
VS Fashion Sentiment
A key component of the show is the inclusion of megawatt stars and iconic music artists to grow the brand’s audience and relate popular music choices to the walks. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and other artists performed onstage and their names buzzed over Twitter in relation to the VS brand.
VSFS wheel cloud
The interest in conversation peaked from 10pm to midnight EST, as the show was wrapping up and audience started reflecting on the spectacle they just witnessed. The topics ranged from the show itself, to the top models appearing on the runway such as the all-time favorite and, a true fixture of the VS show, Adriana Lima.
VSFS Topic Hashtag Mention
The most talked about moment of the evening and source spurring major conversation were not the beautiful angels or the “Fantasy bra” worth 2.5 million dollar, but Ariana Grande’s performance, where she got hit by one of massively constructed angel wings as the model strolled by. This little incident went viral with the signature hashtag #bangbangintomyface. To say the least, this phrase was “taken and run with” for puns and jokes all over the internet the next day.

While the angelic models and spectacular lingerie creations are on the surface of all this madness, it’s important to look at the strategy behind the winged pursuit and genius business strategy. L Brands came up with the fashion show concept, organized each year, to drive and draw the majority of their retail sales throughout the year in December and boost the revenue through the roof in their fourth quarter. The audience they are targeting is different from that of other fashion events.
VSFS Affinities and NYFW
We compared the Affinities™ of users speaking about NY Fashion Week to the discussion around the VS Fashion Show. The interests for the NY Fashion Week audience bubbled up with 4x greater amount of discussion around Haute Couture, Luxury Goods, Jewelry or Design, being off set by One Direction, MTV, Justin Bieber or Homework on the other site of the spectrum drawing the profile of a person talking about Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The clear difference in these audiences can be defined by the interest in higher end, couture fashion and lower, reasonable cost styles appealing to younger generations.
Victoria's Secret Map and Age
The majority of conversation occurred in the United States, but there were spikes in Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria,  Australia, New Zealand as well as Canada. A large portion of the conversation was driven by women, but more than a third of conversation came from men. The majority of conversation on Twitter was driven by users under the age of 25.
Overall, the event plays into an age group that hosts strong brand affinity: L Brands capitalized on that passionate dedication and promoted this event on the social channels dominated by celebrity appeal. Another successful year for the Vicky’s Secret Fashion Show! We cannot wait to see what they have in store for 2015!
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